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Roof ShinglesA home’s roof might look simple from where we normally stand on the ground, but a roof is actually a complex structural component. Many elements go into its creation even though only the outer layer can be seen. This outer layer is usually comprised of shingles or tiles. Changing the shingles on a roof actually changes many things about the roof itself, and not just its appearance. As a roofing contractor in Hackensack, NJ, we are often asked about the difference between different shingle options. Here is a short guide to introduce you to some of the most basic shingle types.

A Brief Guide to Home Shingles

There is a wide variety of shingle products available on the market today. Some of the most common shingle types include:

  • Asphalt: Lightweight and affordable
  • Genuine slate: Heavy, usually premium priced
  • Synthetic slate: More affordable and lighter weight than genuine slate tiles
  • Genuine wood: Sometimes expensive and may be time-consuming to install
  • Wood look-alikes: Designed to be a convenient and affordable alternative to wood while still retaining a rustic, traditional appearance
  • Spanish tile: An elegant old-world roof variety; usually expensive
  • Clay tile: Variable in price, tends to be heavy and so may not be suited for every roof
  • Vinyl: Lightweight, durable, and affordable; often has energy efficient benefits

Types of shingles for roof

As you can see, roof shingles can be lightweight or heavy; the heaviest shingles may require a reinforced roofing structure to safely bear the weight. Many options are quite affordable while others come at a more premium price point. Most have energy efficiency benefits that homeowners looking to save money on heating and cooling will be interested in. Some shingles, such as asphalt and synthetic slate products, come in a range of colors. This gives homeowners the chance to customize their home’s exterior in fun and fashionable ways.

Discover the Perfect Roof

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