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Skylights – The Window With a Wow

The average American homeowner has a very eye-level view with regard to the windows in a home. There is a way, however, to make a change to your current windows and add a window or two that is certain to being the wow factor to your home.

Who would not want extra natural light, added resale value and a fantastic additional new view?  If this sounds appealing to you, then it is probably the right time to contact Mezini Roofing and check into Skylight window installation in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Multiple Skylight Options

The hardest part about your decision to install a skylight may indeed be having to select from the many styles that are now available.  Some of the unique choices include:

  • Multiple venting styles
  • Sun Tunnel Skylights
  • Available with factory-installed blinds
  • Skylights that run off of solar power

No matter what type and style you decide to go with, you are sure to be delighted with your new view as well as with our excellent level of customer service.

Skylight Benefits

Natural light is undoubtedly the biggest reason that homeowners even begin thinking about installing a skylight. But did you know that there are many more benefits as well?  Some of these include:

Increased visual appeal: No matter if it is sunny, rainy, or overcast outdoors, every room tends to look better with the addition of natural light. A new skylight increases the vibrancy and comfortable feel to any room that it is added to.

Lower heating and cooling costs: At first thought, it does not seem as if a skylight would be beneficial to your electric or heating bill. According to, financial savings occur because they provide additional ventilation in the warmer months and extra heat from the sun’s rays in the cooler months of the year.

Healthier environment: At times, homeowners have commented that their new skylight has meant less moisture build up inside of the home.  This is because sunlight is a very powerful natural disinfectant and healthy drying source.

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